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The Sustainable Superfood for Your Pets

Our insect protein based products are high in protein, essential amino acids, and other vital nutrients, offering your animals a nutritionally superior alternative to traditional feeds. Plus, our environmentally friendly approach means that choosing Second Cycle helps reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Pet Nutrition, Made Simple

Why Second Cycle?

High Protein Content

Our Black Soldier Fly larvae products deliver the protein your pets need for optimal growth and maintenance, providing a powerhouse of nutrition in every bite.

Rich in Essential Amino Acids

Rich in essential amino acids that's crucial for your pet's health, aiding everything from muscle development to immune system function


Black Soldier Fly larvae protein are hypoallergenic and a safe choice for pets with common food allergies

Minimally Processed

Natural nutrients as nature intended, without unnecessary additives or artificial ingredients.

Reduce Carbon Foodprint

Our products have a significantly lower environmental footprint compared to farming of traditional protein sources.

Made In Singapore

Every product is crafted with care in Singapore, from locally-sourced BSF larvaes

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